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9X Media's Customized Digital Signage Video Walls are designed by our talented in-house graphics and industrial design teams to integrate our customers logos and branding element essentials with customized finishes, screen arrangements and combinations resulting in an elegantly branded high performance video wall that fits right in to the setting and the application.

Digital Signage Techonology Suite

As digital signage and video walls present an ever greater communications opportunity in public venues including hospitality, education and government settings and the workplace, 9X Media is proud to pave the way with innovative, custom designed and custom made products. 9X Media's Digital Signage Techonogy Suite comprises of 9X Media's Video Wall Software and 9X Media's Video Wall Controllers. The Digital Signage Technology Suite allows for a seamless video customization. Our experienced machinists ensure that the execution of the design and the materials used are of the highest quality and performance. We have the experience, skills and the ability in-house to machine from a variety of materials including high-grade plastics, metals and wood to ensure the ultimate look and aesthetic fit for each environment.

9X Media's customized digital signage displays enable our customers to always look their best and to take a giant leap ahead of their competitors utilizing inexpensive off-the-shelf alternatives.

Digital Signage Ads

Communication opportunities: Communication and artwork, both in traditional media as well as motion video are an impressive and eye-catching opportunity to impress and inform employees, guests, students, customers, visitors and attendees. This can include welcome messages, collaborative workflow and project information, event and promotional details, art work, way-finding, edutainment, infotainment, co-promotion / advertising and revenue generation as well as up-selling opportunities.

Digital Signage Features

Portable Branded Video Walls: Can travel throughout a facility as needed and provide excellent ROI with on-the-fly deployment. Branding and communication opportunities increase as additional uses include multi-media in conference rooms, business centers, executive suites, events and for internal business. They can include self-contained multi-screen computers, video wall servers and multi-media video teleconferencing and communications equipment.
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