9X Media X-Top Commander Multi-Screen
X-Top Commander Multi-Screen 4U 19" Rack Mount Display
A 9X Media Innovation
Proudly made in the USA, 9X Media’s X-Top Multi Screen Commander System comes with all of the benefits of our traditional X-Top Pro Multi-Screen displays with the added benefit of enabling ease of access, use and control of a variety of 4U rack-mount components including iPods, KVM switches, AV controls and power control.

The X-Top is the World’s first scalable, customizeable and upgradeable multi-screen solution. The X-Top can scale from 2 to 15 screens per unit in 1000’s of configurations including SlimLine LCDs ranging from 17” to 32” models.

The X-Top Pro is based on our original Multi-Screen Desktop Display, the X-Top Expert, originally engineered and manufactured in the USA in 2001. Today’s take on the X-Top original gives users even more flexibility in ease of upgrade and reduced upgrade costs. Our new design is streamlined to facilitate on-the-fly screen additions as well as size changes.

9X Lifetime warranty – Every X-Top stand is supported by a Lifetime Parts and Labor warranty. – That’s how sure we are!

Ergonomic design elements include: 

  • Height adjustment
  • Tilt / rotation options
  • User-defined equalized focal distance
  • In-line screen positioning
  • Snug keyboard-to-X-Top fit for ease of use and efficient desktop real-estate allocation
X-Top Flexibility & Scalability: These powerful systems can incorporate 17” – 32” screens in any aspect ratio and in any position mode, from landscape to portrait. Begin with the screens and configuration you need today – grow your system as your needs change and your budget allows.

Rock solid construction – The X-Top multi screen is machined in the US from aircraft-grade aluminum. It is designed to support up to eight 30” screens and up to ten 24” screens. Whether you are starting out with 2 x 19” or with 10 x 24”, the X-Top supports and integrates your system.

Optimized for maximum desk space usability and Ergonomics – The arching support legs are designed to use a minimal amount of space directly in front of the user while enabling the keyboard to be positioned directly under the screens
  Ergonomic Articulating arms - Equidistance or relative distance is user defined: Every outer screen is supported by an articulating arm enabling flexible positioning as required.

System Lock Down - For use in earthquake and zones, there is a series of threaded holes on the underside of the base enabling the system to be fastened from under the desk. This is not a requirement but merely a nice safety feature for use in unstable areas.

Scalability - Our patent-pending design is the only multi-screen desktop system that allows you to start with 2 screens and grow to up to 10 screens without every having to discard the components you have already invested in. An investment in 9X Media is an investment in the future of visualization.

Now you have the ability to even further customize interaction and useability between your X-Top Multi-Screen and your 9X Multi-Screen PC.

Begin with the revolutionary new innovation from 9X Media, the Commander X-Top and integrate a whole host of 4U rackmount components based on your personal preferences. You’ll have it all there integrated into your X-Top Commander Multi-Screen 4U easy-access dash-board. Components include any 19” rackmount solutions based on your specific requirements!

The X-Top Commander iPod / KVM combo – one of our favorites….. This Commander puts you in charge of up to 8 computer systems with the touch of a button on the KVM switch and plays your favorite tunes on the integrated iPod dock, complete with it's own remote control.

The X-Top Commander KVM / Power combo - NOC NOC - Who’s there? – it’s the definitive NOC solution for Multi-Screen users and their applications. This Commander is ideal for KVM switching as it also gives you the power of turning it all off and turning it all on with the flip of a switch. (this model controls up to six individual devices)

A Standard for Integration: About 19-inch 4U Rack Mount Components & Devices
Equipment designed to be placed in a rack is typically described as rack-mount, a rack mounted system, a rack mount chassis, subrack, rack mountable, or occasionally simply shelf. Because of their origin as mounting systems for railroad signaling relays, they are still sometimes called relay racks, but the 19-inch rack format has remained a constant while the technology that is mounted within it has changed to completely different fields. The 19-inch (480 mm) standard rack arrangement is widely used throughout the telecommunication, computing, audio, entertainment and other industries.

19-inch racks are often used to house professional audio and video equipment, including amplifiers, effects units, interfaces, headphone amplifiers, and even small scale audio mixers. They are also widely used for computer server equipment, allowing for dense hardware configurations without occupying excessive floorspace or requiring shelving. A third common use for rack-mounted equipment is industrial power, control, and automation hardware.

THE 9X MEDIA X-TOP CONCEPT: Top-of-the-Line Best-in-Class-By-a-Mile, USA Designed & Machined by 9X Media
Ergonomic – ease of use, flexibility in positioning to individual preferences in height, rotation & angle
– USA-machined of 100% clean recycled Aluminum, engineered to be lubricant-free
– grow from 2 to 20 screens and upgrade features for iPods, AV, KVM, audio switching and power control

The X-Top Scalable Multi-Screen Display System, the first and only multi-screen solution designed, developed and made in the USA, made its debut in 2001 at the Siggraph tradeshow in Los Angeles, California. Since, it has become the gold-standard of Multi-Screen desktop displays and today it continues to define and set the standard for multiple monitor innovation.

Mix & Match Screen sizes / Upgrade to Multi-Media - Easily Combine Landscape & Portrait Mode Achieve your perfect X-Top Multi-Screen choosing from 19" to 32" screens and then position in Landscape or Portrait Mode - The X-Top is Always Easily upgradeable & Expandable.

A) Video Wall, Multi-User screen position: Enhances user collaboration as it increases ROI B) Ergonomic Single User Defined height & parabola positioning: reduces eye & neck strain

C) Pivot Rotation On-the-Fly from Portrait to Landscape in an instant refines workspace instantly
D) Multi-User Share Mode quickly adapts from single-user & collaborative modes with on-the-fly user-friendly back rotation enabling content mirroring in an across-the-table setting.
X-Top Custom Combo – Available in X-Top Pro, X-Top Commander and X-Top NOC custom multi-screen furniture

9X Innovation >> Customizeable Multi-Screens X-Top Multi-Screen desktop displays and X-Top Multi-Screen Workstation all-inclusive customized furniture by 9X Media are all customizeable to fulfill both functionality and aesthetic considerations and requirements.

X-TOP CONFIGURATIONS - The possibilities are - truly endless...
The 9X Media X-Top Desktop Displays are available in two exceptionally functional, customizeable and scalable version – all designed and manufactured in the USA. Please note – all X-Top Pro multi-screen systems ship with the 9X Media Back in Black base unless otherwise requested / purchased.


9X Media has specialized in Multi-Screen displays, video walls, controllers and servers since 2001. We’ve customized systems for solutions as demanding as command and control and flight simulation as well as mission critical operations scenarios through powerful trading and gaming systems. Choose from the PC-3D multi-screen video system, the PC-1600 multi-screen productivity solution and our portable on-the-go Multi-Screen Travel PC.

9X Media X-Top Multi Screen PC-3D Series

This ultra fast and powerful multi-screen system designed by 9X Media bring’s you the incredible performance of the new Intel Core i7 Quad-Core processor. This system features all state-of-the art hardware and graphics capabilities that’s built to handle the latest in 3D and video applications like Adobe CS4, CAD, and Gaming. Combine performance and productivity with 9X Media’s new line of high-end Multi-screen PC’s.

9X PC-3D Series System Information:
  • Uses the incredibly fast Intel Core i7 Extreme Quad-core CPU delivering unmatched speeds.
  • With 12GB of  Corsair XMS3 memory!
  • 1TB of internal Hard drive space.
  • ATI Radeon HD Graphics for intense 3D and video applications all at 1080p clarity
  • Enjoy High-definition quality sound with onboard 7.1ch HD audio.
  • Sleek and quiet chassis perfect for the office or home
  • Windows Vista Ultimate x64-Edition
  • Complete with Wireless keyboard & mouse kit and 9X Media Multi-Screen software

9X PC-3D Multi-Screen PC System specs:
  • Intel Core i7 Quad-core 3.2Ghz CPU
  • 1TB Hard Drive space
  • 12GB DDR3 Memory
  • ATI Radeon HD 4850x2 2GB Graphics
  • SONY DVD+-RW Drive
  • Windows Vista Ultimate x64-Bit OS
  • 1000Watt Power supply

9X Media X-Top Multi Screen PC1600 Series

This system designed for the everyday user and business professional delivers high-class performance with the productivity of up to 16 screens! Combined with the 9X Media Multi-Screen Manager software you can expand your workspace up to 8 times more over a regular dual display system.

PC1600 Series System Information:
  • Intel Core 2-Duo 3.16Ghz Dual-core CPU                                      
  • 2GB DDR2 memory 
  • 1TB of internal Hard drive space.
  • ATI Workstation Graphics delivering clear high-resolution images to up to (16) displays.
  • Enjoy High-definition quality sound with onboard 7.1ch HD audio.
  • Sleek and quiet chassis perfect for the office or home
  • Windows XP Professional Operating system
  • Complete with Wireless keyboard & mouse kit and 9X Media Multi-Screen software
PC1600 Multi-Screen PC System Specs:
  • Intel Core 2-Duo 3.16Ghz CPU
  • 2GB DDR2 Memory PC5300
  • 1TB Hard drive storage
  • ATI FireMV2400 128MB Workstation graphics
  • SONY DVD+-RW Drive
  • Windows XP Professional 32-Bit
  • Antec 500W Power Supply

9X Media PC8 Series Portable Multi-Screen PC

On the go with your multi-screen? Need more desk space? -- 9X Media has you covered!

With the 9X Media PC8 small form factor multi-screen system we make it easy to be small and still get big performance out of your system. This multi-screen PC system designed for maximum portability can deliver a variety of features seen on the PC16 Series as well as unique features from Shuttle XPC such as built-in Wifi and fingerprint recognition. This system is can host up to (8) High definition displays making it a great choice for Tradeshows and Travelers.

PC8 Series Portable Multi-Screen PC System Features:
  • Intel Core 2-Duo 3.16Ghz Dual-core CPU perfect for even the most demanding situations.                                      
  • 3GB DDR3 Memory 
  • 1TB of internal Hard drive space.
  • ATI Workstation Graphics delivering clear high-resolution images to up to (8) displays.
  • Enjoy High-definition quality sound with onboard 7.1ch HD audio.
  • Sleek small form factor for maximum space saving and portability!
  • Built-in 802.11b/g WiFi, Memory card combo reader, and fingerprint recognition technology.
  • Windows XP Professional Operating system
  • Complete with Wireless keyboard & mouse kit and 9X Media Multi-Screen software

PC8 Series Portable Multi-Screen PC System Specs:
  • Intel Core 2-Duo 3.16Ghz CPU
  • 2GB DDR2 Memory PC5300
  • 1TB Hard drive storage
  • ATI FireMV2450 512MB Workstation graphics
  • SONY DVD+-RW Drive
  • Bluetooth & 802.11b/g wireless network adapter
  • Windows XP Professional 32-Bit

Dedicated to ensuring the best possible multi-screen experience for all, 9X Media provides FREE high-resolution backgrounds to fit common aggregate resolutions for multi-screens and video walls.

Continue to Expand Your Vision with 9X Media and enjoy your multi-monitor experience, with our current and growing collection of high resolution multiple monitor / video wall backgrounds taken in a variety of stunning settings including some from our corporate home in Northern California and then also in some more exotic locations where we’ve provided installations such as the Maldives.

Each background is designed to fit a specific configuration in a specific resolution. All images are in 1280 x 1024 resolution per screen - please make sure you are running this resolution. Follow the directions below for best results - and enjoy!

Directions, resolutions and samples below:

  • Choose your configuration and resolution and copy the selection to your hard drive. We recommend that you make a folder on your hard drive called backgrounds.
  • In Windows from your start menu open: control panel > display > settings > background.
  • Select browse to get to your background folder or background image.
  • Select the background you wish to use.
  • On the right side in the 'background' dialog box select Tile (this is crucial for the image to spread across all screens)
  • Choose apply - OK
High resolution multi-screen backgrounds currently available on www.9XMedia.com :
  • Dual Screen - 2 screens across
    • 2560 x 1024 2880 x 900
  • Triple Screen - 3 screens across
    • 3840 x 1024 4320 x 900
  • Quad Screen - 4 screens across
    • 5120 x 1024 5760 x 900
  • Six Screen - 3 screens over 3 screens
    • 3840 x 2048 4320 x 1800  

9X Media's Multi-Screen Manager software utility is designed to make multiple monitor computing even easier. It intuitively increases productivity and seamlessly enables the greater potential of multiple monitor computing.

Take a test drive with our FREE 30 Day Full Version Demo – now available for download. Free download is available in 32-bit or 64-bit versions.
Purchase price is $199 and available for sale via PayPal:
Veteran users of multiple monitors and new users alike will appreciate numerous key productivity enhancements in managing the operation of multiple displays, including:

  • Switch primary monitor from task bar - quickly reassign display to play video or 3D graphics.
  • Mirror one display to one or more - enable multiple monitors to show the same information
  • Jump to Display Properties from the task bar - avoid minimizing applications every time you need to change a setting
  • Save and restore display profiles manage different display setups, each optimized to your preferences, or share a multi-screen workstation with multiple users
  • Manage more than 10 monitors - exceeding the normal Windows limit of 10 connected displays
  • Assign keyboard shortcuts - quickly launch applications and documents from the keyboard, and perform frequent tasks with a simple hot key
Multi-Screen Window Management Made Easier and More Intuitive One wonderful button, one giant leap for multi-monitor users.
9X Media Multi-Screen Manager includes a "Move Window" button on the title bar of all applications enabling movement of any application to the monitor of choice with only two clicks. Instantly move windows and applications between monitors and click to spread your windows across all screens…. Just like that!

Mirroring / Presentation Mode – for Multi-User Share Mode: Mirror the primary monitor on one or more secondary monitors, for example when doing a presentation. A unique feature is support for different resolutions, the primary monitor can run at a higher resolution for example.
X-Top Pro shown in rotation and to Multi-User Mirror Share Mode
This 9X Media Multi-Screen Manager Software Mirroring capability is especially useful when coupled with the X-Top Pro positioned in D) Multi-User Mirror Share Mode easily adapting from single-user & collaborative modes with on-the-fly user-friendly back rotation enabling content mirroring in an across-the-table / face-to-face setting. Mirroring is only available on Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

9X Smart Multi-Screen Task bar - Manage a variety of open applications seamlessly

9X Media Multi-Screen Manager adds an additional task bar at the bottom of each additional monitor. Each of these task bars only shows the tasks (applications/files) that will appear on that particular monitor when activating. With just a glimpse you know on which monitor your application will appear even before you activate it.

No matter how many monitors you have, Windows typically provides just one task bar which remains as your "primary" monitor. With many open applications and windows, the task bar gets overpowered with unreadable application window icons. 9X Media Multi-Screen Manager solves the problem: it adds a Smart Taskbar to each additional monitor, and each task bar shows tasks only from the monitor it is on.
Application positioning - You decide where and on which screen you want your applications to launch Use the 9X Media Multi-Screen Manager tabs added to a shortcut's properties to set an application's position or use custom display settings when the application is running. Your applications will launch where you want them.
Display profiles
Display profiles enable you to quickly change the settings of one or more monitors. You can also create a display profile that gets applied when logging in, especially useful when the computer is used by more than one person, and not everyone wants to use the same display settings.

The 9X Media Multi-Screen Manager wallpaper manager adds the ability to use a different picture on each monitor, or stretch a single picture across the desktop.

Screen savers
Most screen savers only run on the primary monitor. 9X Media Multi-Screen Manager can blank the secondary monitors when the screen saver is running, or run additional screen savers on secondary monitors.

9X Media, Inc.
Market Analysis & Stock Trading

9X Media X-Top Multi-Screen Desktop Display & Multiple Monitor PC - CASE STUDY I:

9X Media X-Top - 9X Media's X-Top enhances and enables high definition applications and real-time online transactions as well as monitoring of mission critical information. This desktop multi-screen – single-user - video wall is comprised of fifteen 24" 9X Media SlimLine LCDs and 9X Media's HD-6400 video wall controller utilized in an extreme desktop setting.

Installation and Training: Performed on site by a team of 9X Media video wall display professionals and trained server technicians.

Application: real-time market analysis, trading in addition to various personal and professional productivity

Location: Southern California / private location

9X Media, Inc.
Network Operations Center Application

9X Media X-Top Multi-Screen Desktop Display & Multiple Monitor PC - CASE STUDY II

Global Network Operation Center:

This 9X Media multi-screen NOC, designed and installed for Praxair is utilized as a key network operations center component for monitoring mission critical information in real-time from headquarters in Gary Indiana.

Application: The system is comprised of three units that can be tilted in various positions to accommodate and enable various team configurations and research application scenarios. The units can display a single image across all systems or can allocate any combination of inputs within individual screens or only spanning specifically designated screens.

This unit is completely customizeable and could just as well have been one solid unit with one single video wall / multi-screen display controller.

Installation and Training: Performed on-site by a team of 9X Media video wall display professionals and trained server technicians.

Location: Corporate Headquarters, Gary Indiana, USA

9X Media, Inc.
9X Media – Made in the USA – www.9XMedia.com 9X Media specializes in the invention, design and manufacture of advanced high-performance multi-display solutions. Our product line is made in the USA and includes multi-screen displays, computers and controllers to drive the displays, on-site installation and training, as well as a wide range of innovative leading-edge upgrades, software, accessories and customization.
9X Media Innovation: In 2001 9X Media's first product launch was the X-Top – a scalable multi-screen desktop display system which made its debut at the 2001 Siggraph tradeshow in Los Angeles, California. The X-Top is a scalable multiple monitor desktop display that can scale from 2 to 64 screens in 1000's of configurations. It continues to lead and define the industry today.

9X Media and the X-Top quickly became the gold standard of multi-screen desktop displays. Today, it continues to define and set the standard for innovation in the multiple monitor industry. From these beginnings the 9X Media team has taken the lead in providing the ultimate integrated solution including Multi-Screen displays and controllers.

Multi-Screen Products: Ours is the world's most comprehensive line of multiple monitor solutions, it includes: X-Top desktop displays scaling from 2-64, X-Wall video walls: from 2 to 128 screens, Immersive Workstations / Furniture, Video Wall Servers, Multi-Screen Computers, Digital Signage Controllers and Multi-Screen software.

9X Media's breadth of uniquely scalable and customizable multiple monitor products are machined in the USA of the finest materials to the highest standards.

Applications: 9X Media Multi-Screen display systems meet the needs of a diverse user base running a variety of highly demanding applications including: stock-trading, 2D/3D modeling, simulation, office productivity, research and development, 3D gaming, 2D/3D graphics, exploration, system monitoring, NOC's, teleconferencing, security monitoring stations, power plant control systems, boardroom presentation systems, video wall applications, portable multi-screen solutions, emergency response, command & control, situation rooms and many more.

Customers: Our customers are as diverse as their applications, they include: NASA, US Army Corps of Engineers, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Boston Red Sox, Bae Systems, ProNet, US CENTCOM, GE, US Navy, HP, CSI Miami, WoodsHole Oceanographic, NATO and Grohe among others.

Corporate Structure: 9X Media is a woman-owned small business incorporated in the great state of California with headquarters in Silicon Valley. 9X Media is just 30 minutes from San Jose International Airport.

Vertical Integration: 9X Media is a vertically integrated company directly responsible for the complete lifecycle of our multi-screen solutions from initial concept and design, through manufacturing.

Multi-Screen Experience: 9X Media's depth of knowledge and vast experience designing, customizing and installing complex solutions ensures that each solution bests our customers expectations.

The concept is pure, simple and forward-looking: We aim to meet and beat the demanding needs of visualization, communication & control, today and tomorrow, with a family of modular and scalable Multi-Screen displays, computers and video wall control solutions that are easily implemented and upgraded.

Original Equipment Manufacturer: Everything we design and manufacture is based on years of experience in leading the multi-screen industry. Our seasoned team is experienced in product development, engineering, manufacturing, design, ergonomics and usability. Our scalable and mutually compatible multi-screen solutions can be purchased directly from us or a preferred reseller. To obtain a quote simply Click Here.

Highest Quality Standards & Rigorous Processes: Underlying all 9X Media products is the determination to set the standard for leading-edge and forward-thinking technologies as well as the manufacturing and QC processes. All 9X Media products are of the highest quality materials and processes available in the US – all structures and housings are machined and assembled in the USA. We take pride in making the best product on the market, bar none, and in the fact that we make that happen from design concept through manufacturing.

Video Wall, Multi-screen, NOC, Portable Video Wall Clients