9X Media multi-screens precision machined made in USA
9X Media specializes in the invention, design and manufacture of advanced high-performance multi-display solutions.
Our product line is made in the USA and includes multi-screen displays, computers and controllers to drive the displays, on-site installation and training, as well as a wide range of innovative leading-edge upgrades, software, accessories and customization.

Products - Hardshell Travel Cases Customized for Multi-Screen Displays, Video Walls and Video Wall Controllers

multi-screen multiple monitor LCD display

Travel Case - These rugged and powerful multi-screen hardshell case solutions provide for long-lasting shipping possibilities as well as on-the-fly deployment and out-of-the-box operation.

Features: 9X Media Multi-Screen Workstations including access to X-Top multi-screen displays, X-Wall Video Walls and 9X Multi-screen computers and Video Wall controllers built right in to rackmount cases with optional worktable and workstations included.

Multi-Screen™: 9X Media™ world leader in multi-monitors, designs manufactures and fully supports the warranty on advanced multi-screens. Our solutions feature powerful patent-pending SMS Controller Technology.

Constructed to perform in the most demanding conditions, 9X Media cases provide unsurpassed function as well as rugged durability. Exterior panels are built with strong, solid components, and interiors are custom designed with precision sculpted unicellular foam to provide maximum shock absorption and protection from damage due to vibration. The result is uncompromising fit and maximum protection.

SMS Technology

X-Top Modular Multi-Screen
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9X Media Cases not only meet ATA category standards, they exceed them. Every ATA shipping container that Anvil makes can withstand the rigors of more than 100 round-trip shipments. So whether you're traveling by surface vehicles, aircraft, or space shuttle, having the Anvil advantage will help insure your success. For over 5 years we have been providing support crews and system teams in professionally carrying out their duties. Just like them, 9X Media cases are the best protection your money can buy.
Multiple Monitor cases customized and built with order. Our customized hardshell travel cases are available with a variety of features including conversion to a table platform for multi-screen placement.
Pricing for 9X Media's Portable and Mobile Multi-Screen Solutions
All 9X Media Multi-Screen travel, display and workstation Solutions and Cases are custom designed and built to order. Pricing is based on the unique requirements of each customer. Please contact a 9X Media sales representative with your requirements for a quote.
9X-PMC Portable Media Center - Self-contained display & server
Designed to provide turnkey ultra high performance capabilities in an easily portable and useable form. This self-contained system is a complete Multi-Screen solution which can easily travel around a facility or around the world.

Portable Media Center includes: Video Wall / Data-Wall, Multi-Screen Servers, Mobile Multi-Screen Office Center & Customized Multi-Screen Cases 9X SlimLine LCDs and 9X Video Wall controllers.
Features include: integrated power distribution, supports 19"-50" SlimLine LCDs, supports up to 32 SlimLine LCDs & standardized rackmount
Video Wall, Multi-screen, NOC, Portable Video Wall Clients