9X Media’s X-Wall™ Video Wall Multi-Screen Digital Displays
9X Media’s Scalable Ultra-Resolution Video Wall vDigital Displays with 9X X-Wall heat-dissipating modular bracket mountings are Made and Assembled by 9X in the USA. Warrantied, Configured and Installed by 9X world-wide.
Video Wall, Multi-screen, NOC, Portable Video Wall Clients


9X Video Walls: 9X Media 's uniquely flexible patent-pending X-Wall™ Multi-Screen™ video wall and video wall controllers are the world's first 100% modular multi-display installation systems. Our full line of LCD, LED, OLED, video projectors and other flat panel display screens ensure that we are able to design create and enable the exact configuration and high-resolution Video Wall to meet any system requirement and any integrated large-scale AV solution.

Video Wall, Multi-screen, NOC, Portable Video Wall Clients

Be it a Network Operations Center (NOC) or any digital collaborative, presentation interactive environment 9X Media Video Wall, Software, Smart Furniture and Control technology are easily customized, user-friendly and scalable.

Video Wall, Multi-screen, NOC, Portable Video Wall Clients

9X Media’s X-Wall Modular Video Wall, Controller, Video Wall software and customized programming enhances remote real-time statistical monitoring of live-feeds at global headquarters for Rackspace Hosting (NYSE: RAX), leader in cloud computing services enabling over 172,000 small to large enterprise level businesses world-wide.

9xmedia video wall ipad controller

9X Media’s Video Wall in Masdar Institute, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), used for remote real-time sensing to monitor live-feeds of environmental conditions in the UAE and the Persian Gulf in addition to global environmental extremes and trends.

9X Video Walls: Designed, assembled and warrantied by 9X Media, the X-Wall systems have 9X patent-pending 9X Air-Flew Video Mount ventilation grid mounting systems to ensure easy installation, replacement and most importantly extended life for an increased ROI thanks to increased airflow and an open-air video wall display backplane.

Video Wall, Multi-screen, NOC, Portable Video Wall Clients

9X Media's Video Wall rear view of modular patent-pending 9X X-Wall architecture and infrastructure as seen at NASA Cape Canaveral in Florida.

9X Video Walls: 9X Media's video wall / digital signage controllers and software ensure that these robust video wall solutions enable powerful multi-media, sound, graphic and video content delivery at any level of the spectrum.

9X Media’s 1-Touch controllers are customized with intuitive interface so that anyone can control and automate their ever complex environments from ranging from secure network operations scenarios to intense home automation.

Video Wall, Multi-screen, NOC, Portable Video Wall Clients Video Wall, Multi-screen, NOC, Portable Video Wall Clients

The 9X 1-Touch solution is based on user’s needs today and easily upgradeable into the future. Our digital media switchers and video wall controllers enable easy control and automation of any environment with flexible and forward thinking custom programming controlling multi-format inputs, video switching, transcoding, scaling, content distribution, audio mixing, amplification and a host of room controls including lighting, temperature and peripherals.

9xmedia video wall for ca national guard

9X Media’s 1-Touch Controller in action managing sources, inputs, workstations, satellite feeds, sound, lighting, secure and unclassified data, peripherals, laptops and more.

"The controller is concise and intuitive. It just takes minutes to train a shift."
-- Major Ty Shepard, National Guard

Applications include: Business, Education, Government, Network Operations Centers, Residential, Healthcare, Hotels, Retail, Houses of Worship, Entertainment, Broadcasting, Board Rooms and complete Building Scenarios.

See the video: 9X Media on YouTube

Video Wall, Multi-screen, NOC, Portable Video Wall Clients

9X Media’s installation and programming session for NASA headquarters in D.C. Applications will include both public and private viewing of mission critical digital data with real-time interaction.

See the NASA DC installation video: 9X Media on YouTube     Get the Brochure

Contact us to see how we can help design, program and install a complete solution for you demanding smart room needs. 1-408-399-2299 or email: sales@9xmedia.com.

9X Media Video Wall in Detail

With over a decade of experience designing and manufacturing turnkey multi screen video wall systems, 9X Media offers the most comprehensive lineup of LCD and DLP video wall solutions and multi screen systems in the world. Our screens are designed and assembled by 9X Media in the US of commercial grade components from key manufacturers including Samsung and NEC for longer life. 9X Media’s enhanced air-flow housing and modular video wall bracket mounting systems ensure added life, reliability and quality of performance while enabling precise alignment via the 9X 'snap-to' grid solution – a patent-pending aluminum structure designed and manufactured by 9X Media at corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley California.

9xmedia video wall workstation diagram

Near Seamless LCD multi screen video wall screens – 9X Media is proud to offer the widest selection of near seamless video wall screens at very competitive prices.

World’s only 100,000 hour 24/7 LCD screens – Our patent pending dual LED backlighting system provides over 11 years of 24/7 operation. With over 8 years experience designing and installing LCD video walls, 9X Media has incorporated numerous technologies designed to provide the most eye pleasing and reliable product in the world. Below are a few of the features that are included in every LCD video wall system offered by 9X Media.

World’s greatest selection – 9X Media video walls are used for a host of different applications including digital signage, corporate display, command and control, NOC network operation centers, military command centers, security monitoring centers, and many more. So, no one screen could possibly meet all the requirements. That is why 9X Media offers 5 categories of LCD screens for video wall use.

60,000 to 100,000 hour MTBF – Every 9x Media Video wall features the highest reliability of any video wall product on the market. Each system is designed to run 60,000 or 100,000 with zero maintenance which equates to 6.8 years to 11.4 years running at 24/7.

RS232 control – Every screens offered by 9X Media including the screens made by Samsung and NEC include complete daisy chained RS232 control of the screen’s menu. This enables you to control the screens power, brightness, contrast, source, and anything else on the screen’s menu. This is crucial for tiled screens.

Ambient light sense and brightness control – by sensing the ambient light in the room our screens are able to self adjust their brightness. This helps increase the life of the backlight system and reduces eye strain caused by screens that are too bright relative to the ambient lighting of the room.

Auto heat sensing and control – every 9X Media screens features the ability to automatically control the silent internal fans of built into the screens in video wall application. This reduces heat buildup in the screens which is the main cause for screen failure.

High airflow system – moving the air is an important factor in designing a video wall system. Each 9X Media LCD video wall system incorporates our exclusive ultra quiet cooling system designed to move the warm air away from the screen so that heat is not able to collect behind the screens.

Shallow Depth – from the 24” all the way up to 82” LCD screen every video wall has an overall depth of less than 6” including mounting hardware. This enables our video wall systems to be mounted into or against any standard depth wall. 9X Media has in house designers that can develop drawings and can work with your designers, builders, and architects in developing the video wall system that fits your needs.

Discreet Aluminum Housing – 9X Media screens have no logos, insignias or buttons on the front bezels. Each screen is housed in aircraft grade aluminum housings with a durable powder coat paint that is electrically bonded to the metal making it the most durable housing of any screen.

Video Wall, Multi-screen, NOC, Portable Video Wall Clients