9X Media is proud to service and support local, state, and federal government agencies.  We build and deliver powerful display solutions suited to your specific needs

9X Media provides discounts to the government on all multi-screen displays, controllers and turnkey solutions, including customized display systems.

9X Media is a sole source vendor on all items and is a self-certified small woman-owned business which fulfills SBA and Government Contracting Standards.

Original Equipment Manufacturer: Everything we design and manufacture is based on years of experience in the multi-screen industry. Our seasoned team is experienced in product development, engineering, manufacturing, design, ergonomics and usability. Our scalable and mutually compatible multi-screen solutions can be purchased directly from us or a preferred reseller.

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9X Media Innovation: In 2001 9X Media's first product launch was the X-Top – a scalable multi-screen desktop display system which made its debut at the 2001 Siggraph tradeshow in Los Angeles, California. The X-Top is a scalable multiple monitor desktop display that can scale from 2 to 64 screens in 1000's of configurations. It continues to lead and define the industry today.

9X Media and the X-Top quickly became the gold standard of multi-screen desktop displays. Today, it continues to define and set the standard for innovation in the multiple monitor industry. From these beginnings the 9X Media team has taken the lead in providing the ultimate integrated solution including Multi-Screen displays and controllers.

Multi-Screen Products: Ours is the world's most comprehensive line of multiple monitor solutions, it includes: X-Top desktop displays scaling from 2-64, X-Wall video walls: from 2 to 128 screens, Immersive Workstations / Furniture, Video Wall Servers, Multi-Screen Computers, Digital Signage Controllers and Multi-Screen software.

9X Media's breadth of uniquely scalable and customizable multiple monitor products are machined in the USA of the finest materials to the highest standards.

Applications: 9X Media Multi-Screen display systems meet the needs of a diverse user base running a variety of highly demanding applications including: stock-trading, 2D/3D modeling, simulation, office productivity, research and development, 3D gaming, 2D/3D graphics, exploration, system monitoring, NOC's, teleconferencing, security monitoring stations, power plant control systems, boardroom presentation systems, video wall applications, portable multi-screen solutions, emergency response, command & control, situation rooms and many more.

Customers: Our customers are as diverse as their applications, they include: NASA, US Army Corps of Engineers, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Boston Red Sox, Bae Systems, ProNet, US CENTCOM, GE, US Navy, HP, CSI Miami, WoodsHole Oceanographic, NATO and Grohe among others.

Highest Quality Standards & Rigorous Processes: Underlying all 9X Media products is the determination to make and break the mold in leading-edge and forward-thinking technologies as well as manufacturing and QC processes. All 9X Media products are of the highest quality materials and processes available in the US – all structures and housings are machined and assembled in the USA. We do not outsource our assembly or our manufacturing.

Precision Manufacturing: From day one, 9X Media has taken the high-performance approach to product development. The X-Top, X-Wall, Portable Media Center, and the SlimLine LCD housings & support structures are machined from aircraft-grade aluminum for longer life and increased durability. Each product is then powder coated and baked to bond the power coat to the aluminum or hard anodized with a Nickel coating to resist scratching.

Each part is machine-tumbled to eliminate all sharp edges – providing an elegant finish which is as durable as it is easy on the adjoining structures or furniture.

The concept is pure, simple and forward-looking:
We aim to meet and beat the demanding needs of visualization, communication & control, today and tomorrow, with a family of modular and scalable Multi-Screen displays, computers and video wall control solutions that are easily implemented and upgraded.

Corporate Structure : 9X Media is a woman-owned small business incorporated in the great state of California with headquarters in Silicon Valley. 9X Media is just 30 minutes from San Jose International Airport.

Multi-Screen Experience: 9X Media's depth of knowledge and vast experience designing, customizing and installing complex solutions ensures that each solution bests our customers expectations.