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Multi-Screen Advantages

Multi-Screen Computing is a user-friendly, cost-effective and efficient way to increase productivity, enhance capabilities and dramatically improve the quality of the user experience.

9X Media provides the most advanced and diverse selection of customizeable multi-display products in the world. All components, structures and SlimLine screens are interchangeable - ensuring you get the right multi-screen to meet your needs and budget today - as well as one that can grow with you as needs dictate and budgets allow.

There are many quantitative as wall as qualitative advantages to Multi-Screen Computing:
  • Increases overall productivity: 20%-50%
  • Solid ROI: 9X Media Productivity Multi-Screens: averages several months
  • Happier and healthier users: More natural relationship between user and their resources

  How I Work: Bill Gates
"On my desk I have three screens, synchronized to form a single desktop. I can drag items from one screen to the next. Once you have that large display area, you'll never go back, because it has a direct impact on productivity...."
Bill Gates on Multi-Screen Technology
  Productivity findings on
Multi-Screen Productivity Findings
  "The study reveals multi-screen users get on task quicker, work faster and get more work done with fewer errors editing documents, spreadsheets, and graphic files in comparison with single screen users," said Dr. James Anderson, professor at the University of Utah's Department of Communication
Multi-Screen Productivity by Dr. James Anderson - University of Utah
  During keynote speech by Bill Gates
"So, for example, if you go back to productivity gains, the quick ROI on just what a two- monitor is from 20 to 50 percent, if your company says all right, let's just be real conservative and say we get $25,000 a year value on your productivity, a 20 percent productivity gain, a second monitor would pay for itself in a matter of weeks."
Remarks made by David Williams WinHEC 2002 Seattle, Washington
Multi-Screen Productivity by Bill Gates
  Companies can achieve an elevated return-on-investment by upgrading their workstations with multi-monitor graphics cards. Take a CAD firm, for example. A CAD designer earns an average salary of $39,870 USD, or $20.77/hour (assuming 240 8-hour days per year). Assuming multi-display boosts this designer's productivity by 30% (Microsoft's estimate is anywhere between 20 and 50%), this would mean a savings of 576 hours or $11,964 per year.
Multi-Screen Productivity - Matrox
  9XMedia multi-screens featured on
Multi-Screen Productivity by
  Productivity and Multi-Screen Computer Displays
Multi-Screen Productivity by EServer TC Library
  Flat-Screen Bright Spot
Multi-Screen Productivity by Barron's Online
  Two Screens Are Better Than One
Multi-Screen Productivity - Two Screens Are Better Than One by Microsoft
  Multiple Monitors - News on Multi-Screen, Multi-Display, Multi-Mon
Multi-Screen Productivity by
  The HUMIS information system at the University of Utah
Multi-Screen Productivity by HUMIS - University of Utah
  NEC Display Multi-Screen Solutions
Multi-Screen Productivity by NEC
  Double your productivity with a second monitor
Multi-Screen Productivity by
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Multi-Screen Productivity by
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Multi-Screen Productivity by
  Multi-Display Market Study
Multi-Screen Productivity by Join Peddie
  Multi-Monitor Computing
by Dan Dunn and Nike Mikes, 9X Media, Inc.

1. Multiple Monitor Computing is driven by the rapid fall-in-cost and simultaneous rise-in-capability of today's powerful image-based computing.
2. Multiple monitor video card sales rose 450% from 200,000 seats in 1992 to over 900,000 in 1999.
3. Adoption grows beyond traditional users: a 5,622% increase, over five years, among users not primarily utilizing financial or graphics applications (the traditional multi-monitor users).
4. 9X Media Inc. provides the most efficient, flexible and upgradeable solution to the increasing demand for multiple monitor computing.
Multi-Screen Productivity by Dan Dunn and Nike Mikes


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