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9X Media multi-screens precision machined made in USA
9X Media proudly provides a robust range of multi-screen display & video wall controller solutions enabling a wide variety of highly demanding applications. Our customers are as diverse as the applications they run, they include: NASA, US Army Corps of Engineers, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Boston Red Sox, Bae Systems, ProNet Solutions, US CENTCOM, GE, US Navy, HP, CSI Miami, Alias, Woods Hole Oceanographic, NATO and Grohe America among others.
9X Media Brochures- 9X Media Multi-Screen display solutions include the X-Top multiple monitor desktop, X-Wall video wall technology, video wall servers, Portable Media Centers, multi-screen controller, multi-mon computers, software, accessories and customized multi-screen furniture installs

9X Media Case Studies and Reviews 9X Media Multi-Screen displays, video walls, video wall controllers and customized NOCs, furniture and installations enable and power a variety of applications including command and control centers, surveillance systems, home office, enterprise office apps and retail & restaurant dynamic signage.

9X Media Clips 9X Media's TV Debut on CSI

9X Media FREE Multi-Screen Backgrounds - A collection of high resolution wallpapers available for free download.

high resolution multiple monitor backgrounds wallpapers dual triple quad multi-screen
  Get your FREE high resolution wallpapers and backgrounds today! 9X Media's high resolution multiple monitor wallpaper is designed to make your multi-screen experience even better. Our current Free selection includes multi monitor wallpaper from dual screen, triple screen and quad LCD configurations.  
And for the Multi-Screen historybooks - 9X Media launches the expandable multi-screen concept at SIGGRAPH 2001

  9X Media introduces world's first expandable, multiple monitor display system at SIGGRAPH 2001.

The X-TOP's patent-pending modular hub-and-arm design allows users to expand the system from 1 to 10 LCD screens per system. Sunnyvale, C.A., August 2, 2001 -- 9X Media today announced the availability of its modular X-TOP multiple monitor display system that presents extreme resolution images and provides ample visual space to comfortably accommodate multiple applications, multiple tasks and multi-media. The X-TOP's flexible and modular multi-screen design revolutionizes an industry which to date has focused on providing single-display solutions as its mainstay. The system will be unveiled at the SIGGRAPH computer tradeshow August 14-16, in Los Angeles CA.

The X-Top greatly increases user productivity as well as providing users with innovative new capabilities by providing access to more information and more images simultaneously and allowing for truly seamless multi-tasking between applications and the Internet.

The X-TOP provides high-end display solutions to a diverse user-base. It includes personal and collaborative workgroups (typically 2 to 6 screens) as well as, professionals in need of an easy-to-assemble presentation system (typically 3 to 9 screens).

At the personal computing and workgroup levels, the X-TOP is the perfect multiple monitor display system for real-estate hungry applications such as: schedule maintenance, spreadsheet analysis, stock trading, research, CAD/CAM, video-conferencing, electronic publishing, graphic arts production, video/audio editing, web site layout, software application development, gene sequencing, laboratory work, multi-media, simulation and, of course, the X-TOP provides for an unparalleled gaming experience.

Users can easily assemble a complete display system ranging in quantity from 1 to 10 LCD screens. Screens and their supporting arms literally snap into position and power cable connections are made cleanly through the system's adjustable arms and hub. Easy assembly and a clean, cable-free appearance make the X-TOP an ideal display companion for power-users on-the-go and tradeshow exhibitors in need of a powerful yet readily collapsible system that looks great from any angle.

Leveraging the system's modular design, users are able to upgrade their systems to incorporate the latest screen technologies at significant savings, compared to the cost of purchasing entire stand-alone display systems.

Screens in the X-TOP system can be positioned in landscape or portrait mode as well as in a variety of configurations that include pyramid, single-row and tiled combinations of screens, that can range in size from 15-24 inches per screen. The system provides for well over 300 screen configurations. The flexibility of the X-TOP modular system is unparalleled in the industry. The closest competitive multi-screen solutions, on the market today, either involve bulky, restrictive and limiting one-piece, 3-panel housing systems or are simple multiple-panel stands with obtrusively large screen separations and limited configuration and upgrade possibilities.

The immediate and growing need for multi-screen computing (utilizing more than one screen to view the output of one computer) is based on the rapid fall-in-cost and simultaneous rise-in-capability of today's powerful image-based computing applications.

The minimal screen separation between the X-TOP's panels, makes it easy and intuitive for multi-screen users to view, expand, move, and size a variety of information such as spreadsheets, schedules, videos or images across any or all of the system screens.

The technology to support 9X Media's powerful multi-screen computing systems has come of age in the last four years with the development of two crucial components: operating system software and video card technologies.

OS: The system is compatible with multi-screen computing features that have been newly incorporated into virtually every operating system including: Windows, NT, MAC, Unix, and Linux. (http://www.9xmedia.com/Pages/compatibility.html)

VIDEO CARDS: In the last several years nearly all of the major video card manufacturers have introduced at least one multi-screen video card, and in many cases they have developed entire product families of multi-channel video card featuring DVI technology.

  • Mix and match screen sizes (15 inch to 24 inch) and screen grades
  • Modular Design: easy expansion & cost-effective upgrades
  • Cable-free Design: clean desktop space, no visible cables
  • From 1 to 10 screens with one system
  • Maximum visual space / minimal desktop space
  • Over 300 possible screen configurations possible
  • Minimal screen segregation
  • Portrait to landscape rotation

Options, which can be added to any X-TOP system include: speakers, CCD camera, microphone, headphone jack, PC connections, Firewire, USB and PS-2. The system can be wall, desk or ceiling mounted.

9X Media's vision is to revolutionize display systems and standards, enabling users to fully realize the potential of advanced and emerging computing technologies today and well into the future.

The founders of 9X Media, Dan Dunn and Nike Mikes, have worked together for years and have a history of successfully managing and directing substantial technology and marketing initiatives for private as well as public companies. They both also have significant entrepreneurial experience in product development and company management.

Milestones as they pertain to 9X Media include:
  • Successfully developing and marketing an invention, a hands-free kit / wireless fax modem, securing major OEM contracts based this invention, and over a four year period growing the company an average rate of 250% per year.
  • Growing sales for ADI Systems, a $100 million subsidiary of ADI Corporation, a $1.2 billion electronic and display manufacturer, more than fourfold, from $22 million to over $100 million in less than five years.
Companies our team has worked with include: ADI Systems, Best Buy, Circuit City, Cellular One, Coca-Cola, Computer City, Comp USA, Costco, Euro-tel, General Motors, GTE Mobile Net, Hughes Aerospace, IBM, Ingram Micro, Mc-Cann Erickson, Tech Data, US West, Sun Microsystems, UPS and Visa.

Nike Mikes, Co-founder Nike@9XMedia.com
Dan Dunn, Co-founder Dan@9XMedia.com
Tel: +1-408-730-4979
U.S. Headquarters: Bear Creek Rd, San Jose, CA 95033 USA

Meet the team and attend the first public viewing of the X-TOP at SIGGRAPH in booth #859 August 14-16, 2001 Los Angeles Convention Center South Hall, Los Angeles, CA.

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