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Design, Integration, Installation & Training
Design services, on-site installation, furniture customization, product integration and training
9X Media's uniquely scalable and mutually compatible family of leading-edge Multi-Screen products lay the foundation and are the building blocks for powerful solutions that solve the complex demands of today's communication and computing application scenarios.

We provide complete multi-screen, video wall and server integration into new or existing spaces. From needs assesment to architechtural and interior design consulting - we customize and integrate all components for functionality and aesthetics.

CASE STUDY: Sophisticated Mission Critical Application
Consulting, Design and Integration were major components of our deadline drive assignment on the Installation pictured above.

Scope of project: In the above scenario, 9X Media was tasked with the considerable responsibility of designing a high performance multi-screen solution to meet the needs of a quickly growing stock and futures trading company. The company needed vast high-resolution visual real-estate coupled with powerful multi-screen computing that could handle real-time data analysis, dynamic programs, streaming video, trading software and immediate response.

This was a challenge we enthusiastically took on - designing, manufacturing and integrating multi-screen workstations, servers, furniture and consoles.

The Solution: included customized furniture, 150 LCDs and powerful quad Xeon MP server-grade video wall servers with auto sensing dual redundant power supply, ensuring immediate response 24-7 operation at optimum levels. The stakes were high and our solution out performed expectations.

Interior Design: Additionally, the solution had to complement the interior design and architectural look and feel of the executive suite's central trading office which boasts professional design including cherrywood paneling, marble floors, a grand fireplace and a panoramic view of the city.

Summary: Screens: 150 x 21.2 SlimLine - Workstations: 2 x 30 screen / 2x24 screen / 1 x island Servers: total of six 9X Media multi-screen controllers / servers with redundant back-up Furniture: Modular customized cherry-wood laminate workstations and center island.

9X Media customers include government, educational institutions, Fortune 500 companies, and individuals who appreciate the importance of reliability, functionality and integration provided by 9X Media.
As the world leader in multi-screen video walls, desktop multi-screen systems, 9X Media ensures that each and every product is designed to be modular in concept, aestically attractive, and extremely durable. With these three objectives, 9X Media successfully developed products that meet the stringent requirements of customers needing a long-term solution that is upgradeable, scalable, functional and attractive.
Tunkey solutions from design, to training, and post installation support - 9X Media offers professional installation and training for all products. At right our team intalls a 12 x 21" LCD video system in a 4 across x 3 screens high at a nuclear facility in the U.S. This system will model nuclear reactions to experiments conducted at the facility. This wall will is powered by the 9X Media VC3200 series server and operates at 6400 x 3600 pixels or 23 megapixels. This system was mounted against the wall as specified by the customer. This system can also be installed into the wall so that it is flush with the wall surface. As you can see each panel is mounted to a wall plate, this makes maintanence very easy and keeps operating costs low.

CASE STUDY: Industrial design for 24/7 mission critical applications
9X Media offeres thousands of possible configurations, at left the Army Corp of Engineers required two 12 x 21" desktop systems to manage the flow of water through a series of 3 dams in Oregon. 9X Media delivered the two systems in 2001 and they are still in service. Each system was designed to enable 1 user to view all 12 screens with each screen angled directly at the operator. The modular arm structure of the 9X media enabled the screens to be positioned to the exact position required. Having the screens at the correct angle dramatically reduced fatigue of the operator. All 9X Media SlimLine screen feature the longest life lamps available from any LCD screen manufacturer. Our minimum backlight life is 50,000 hours which equates to 5.3 years of 24/7 operation. This ensures incredible reliability and low long term cost of operation.

About 9X SlimLine Screens:
What you see in our case studies and video walls are our own 9X Media SlimLine screens in action!

SlimLine™ LCDs, 9X Media's Multi-Screen™ displays are the only screens designed just for multiple monitors

9X Media SlimLine Multi-Screen LCDs High Performance Specifications - include high maximum resolutions per screen and luxuriously wide viewing angles to maximize multiple monitor efficiency and enhance the expandad visual landscape. Formats include traditional 5:4 aspect ratio screens as well as 16:9, wide screen theater format LCDs.

Narrow Even Bezels: The smaller the bezel the more tighly we can position the screens and the more natural your multi screen system is going to look and feel. Machined Aluminum housings - in order to maintain the smallest and most uniform bezels possible we manufacture our screen housings out of aluminum. SlimLine screens are unique and superior in this respect since most manufacturers and integrators prefer the cheaper alternative, plastic, which requires curves, outward angles, and more material in manufacturing.

SlimLines are clean and elegant: with no distracting controls or lights on front they look great and they also let your eyes focus more easily on the screen content with much less eye stress and distraction. This feature is also ideal for NOCs, video wall applications, public viewing and installations such as digital signage.

CASE STUDY: Custom Retail Design
When the Picture People decided to upgrade their 300 retail photography stores to digital they came to 9X Media. We integrated our 9X Media SlimLine screens with control buttons on the back so that the public could not alter the screen settings. In addition the customer needed the screen to coordinate with the interior design and other equipment located throughout the stores and 9X Media customized the housing design as well as color. Additionally we provided a desk mounting solution to route and conceal cables to reduce clutter and to reduce failures caused by loose cables. 9X Media provided technology, customization and training beyond expectation.
Products: Design, Integration, Installation & Training for Multi-Screen Displays, Servers and Furniture