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Multiple Monitor - Multi Screen: 9X Media, world leader in multi-screen technology, designs and manufactures advanced multi-display products, including patent pending X-Desk Systems

Click for an X-Desk PDF Brochure.

Lifetime Warranty on the X-Desk infrustructure machined from high grade 6061 Aluminium in USA.
All 9X Media multi-screen X-Desk systems are expandable and customizeable. Providing the ultimate in personaliztion, they include multiple and varied screen size combinations ranging from 19" SlimLine LCDs to 40" SlimLine LCDs integrated into this elegant structure.

The X-Desk can scale from 2 to 32 screens in 1000's
of configurations, and can incorporate multiple screen types and sizes including 5:4 and 16:9 aspect ratios.

Integrated into the X-Desk are 9X Media's SlimLinie LCDS. The SlimLine LCDs are the only screens designed specifically for multiple monitors. They provide high performance specs and an elegant polished metal housing with ultra-thin and even bezels
, for reduced eye strain and uniform tiling. The bezels are thinest, most even and of the the most rugged yet attractive housing available in the world.

An investment in 9X Media Multi-Screens is an investment in the future of visualization.

For Custom Pricing Please Contact Sales at sales@9XMedia.com or call 408-399-2299 x 201.

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