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9X Media's own SlimLineMulti-Screen™ LCD multiple monitor displays have the world's most narrow bezels featuring the smallest mullions of any LCD display available. High performance specs, precision metal housing & even bezels provide the ultimate tiling LCD.
Ultra-narrow uniform bezels make the SlimLine screens the ultimate multi-screen tiling solution for desktop and video wall applications and uses.
SlimLine™ LCDs, 9X Media's Multi-Screen™ displays are the only screens designed just for multiple monitors. These high-resolution displays provide high performance visuals and specs coupled with and snug, uniform tiling and clean bezels free of the clutter and distraction which comes with control buttons and lights on all other LCD screens. 9X Media SlimLine LCDs are the ultimate multiple monitor display.

9X Media SlimLine Multi-Screen LCDs feature High Performance Specifications - they include world class maximum resolutions per screen and luxuriously wide viewing angles to maximize multiple monitor efficiency and enhance the expanded visual landscape. Formats include traditional 5:4 aspect ratio screens as well as 16:9, wide screen theater format LCDs.

Narrow Even Bezels: The smaller the bezel the more tightly we can position the screens and the more natural your multi screen system is going to look and feel. Machined Aluminum housings - in order to maintain the smallest and most uniform bezels possible we manufacture our screen housings out of aluminum. SlimLine screens are unique and superior in this respect since most manufacturers and integrators prefer the cheaper alternative, plastic, which requires curves, outward angles, and more material in manufacturing.

SlimLines are clean and elegant: with no distracting controls or lights on front they look great and they also let your eyes focus more easily on the screen content with much less eye stress and distraction.This feature is also ideal for public viewing and installations such as digital signage.
Customizeable COLORS: Now you can further customize your 9X Multi-Screen systems by choosing any of the colors above for your screen housing. Please ask for the customized paint option on quotes.